Never Chase A Paycheck Financial Course (FREE)

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Based on extensive research and interviews with some of the most financially successful professionals today, Robert Watkins has created a 9-step blueprint for securing financial freedom.

You'll find advice and strategies about:

  • Understanding your purpose
  • Breaking the "emotional money cycle"
  • 7 streams of income
  • Taking control of your fear of failure
  • Setting up a savings and investing plan
  • Destroying the fears about what's been holding you back
  • 5 steps to avoid going broke  
  • Sharpening your money-making "income-insight"
Becoming a billionaire may not be your first financial goal, but having paychecks follow you should be! This course will take you from where you are to where you deserve to be.  You'll never chase a paycheck again.

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Intended Audience: Professionals, Parents, Men, Women, Teenagers, Students, Investors

Chapter Summaries Video
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1. Avoid Going Broke
2: Build Your Life Around Your Purpose
3: Develop Healthy Financial Habits
4: Create Your Own Income
5: Solve Problems and Get Paid
6: From Employee to Entrepreneur
7: Confidence Makes The Difference
8: Make Money Work For You
9: Conquering The Last Enemy
Bonus - 3 Master Keys To Life Success
7 Commandments of Real Wealth
Fund Your Next Business Idea

What's included

  • 13 Video Lessons
  • 1 Text Lesson

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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